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Thoughts on consumption

I wish I had some popcorn. Maybe I will eat some pretzels in lieu of it. But that would practically be like eating rice cakes instead of what you really fancy.

I like eating popcorn because you can eat a lot of it with little consequence. (Except when you bite down on a kernel). And the repetitiveness of it — popping one fluffy piece after the other — takes your mind off things.

I wonder how much popcorn you would have to eat to actually get full. A pound or two? At any rate, I don’t have any.


A customer is casting a spell at the Starbucks counter. Listen to her conjure. The barista is spellbound! The pastries, they glaze over…

chili cheese fries

the french fries were stuck
in a lump of hardened american
that choked the potatoes by the wad

the slender cuts jutted
like push pins from the clot of cheese/meat
as if shoved through a voodoo doll

the tray-shaped carton lay
like a messy casket displaying a corpse
while life at the party raged on