My story is online at Entropy magazine

My creative nonfiction story The Size of Hummingbirds was posted yesterday at Entropy magazine. There was an American robin on a bough above us guarding its nest. I had pointed it out to Rob, as well as the male grackle that had been looming higher in the tree for several days, as if setting itsContinue reading “My story is online at Entropy magazine”

Birds, eggs & other journal notes

Mourning Doves: Their brains register the task of parenting Together they build a sloppy nest The eggs are laid — typically two After the eggs hatch, the father and mother alike feed their nestlings with milk They eventually offer plant seeds from their beaks (mourning doves eat mostly seeds) The hatchlings grow strong and go on to singContinue reading “Birds, eggs & other journal notes”

2 great-tailed grackles

Lately I’ve become quite the nature aficionado, specifically regarding the flora & fauna in my community. The other day I spotted 2 great-tailed grackles trading courtship calls from polar opposite ends of a Washoe pine. I thought it quite amusing since these are raucous birds with shrill cries, obscenely long beaks for their body sizeContinue reading “2 great-tailed grackles”