By the trailhead

She left her new shoes
by the trailhead
atop caked mud,
immaculate burgundy pumps
standing upright
near the base of a pin oak.

Just past the restroom breezeway,
the anonymous message in wobbly
cursive was etched
with jagged glass
or blunt rock,
officials suspected.

A girl on a nearby
swing spoke with playmates
during the investigation,
gripping the chains
and pumping her bare legs
while leaning back
to attain altitude,
her feet stretching skyward,
her body awash in sunlight
and silhouettes.

Amorous scraps from my notebook

attractive young chick in craigslist want-ad pic,
the older man pounced on his keyboard
in stab at casual encounters

Middle age men
at bookstore eye
20-something Asian
girl wearing sexy pout
snug summer dress
omg sagging spaghetti strap!
Web surfing w/ latte
spotlight on her
slender + bronze
left shoulder
still unfixed when
walking to restroom
like mermaid or carousing
flapper or Morticia Addams
on way to boudoir

“Meat the staff” link on
Las Vegas hair salon’s website,
clandestine language
for illicit brothel services

Saintly hand

Apply the adjective
The Supernatural
I mean the religious term
Master of the World
— a wild-eyed man,
he indulges in
The Average Human
with a saintly
hand inside his coat
36-inch-wide heavy linen
just yardage for required
hiding slightly.