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Two possibilities

In this dawn lives
the possibility
of a near-yesterday
and a would-be tomorrow.
This is the sky that starts it all

My lust dream of you
is a broken record
I would never want fixed.
It plays every morning,
repeated one way and then the next.

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the sacred goddess within
you are only half-covered in
boho clothes that expose
your collar bone,
and pelvic bones
No makeup, but a choker
with moonstone,
an ankh ring on your toe
and other body adornments,
fine pencil-stroke
hair spun like mulga silk
scented with musk

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Poetry slam crush

Couldn’t tear eyes
from cute-faced chick
with flower-print
summer dress, adorable
feet & metallic gold
open-toe jellies
w/bow @ poetry slam
posing daunting distraction
from 2nd row as poets
poured their lives into
rhythms and rhymes.

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6th & Fremont

At the corner of 6th and Fremont Street,
intense waves of heat,
the smell of kitchen grease.

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A vacancy & other notes

woman with black fedora
and film noir face

the sky looks
half decidedly
at me

she announced
a vacancy
in her heart

sex a recurring
theme in my poetry


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Visual poetry brainstorming


I’ve been trying to figure out ways to merge visual art and poetry, so I did some experimenting in my studio today.

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That place & other bits pieces

I’ll take you to that place —
you go there in dreams

girl decides on
modified macchiato
after much debate
with genial barista

the job descriptions lengthy,
innumerable lifetimes’
worth of duties

clouds in windows
like picture frames
whose subjects
were dreams

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Shoe fetish

These shoes
I chose to wear —
is that the reason
why you stare?
You must imagine
my body bare.
You’re probably
picturing my feet
up in the air.
And me going all
like, “Oooh, yeah.”
Tell me, truth or dare?

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Cool poetry book if you spot it

Dark Sparkler by Amber Tamblyn includes interesting illustrations and poems about actresses whose lives ended prematurely. I read some of it at a bookstore the other day and enjoyed it. The price is $18 — kinda steep for a book with only 128 pages — so those who like to buy their lit on the cheap best get a used copy and save the trees and several dollars. Also, the book has a foreword by Diane di Prima, a beat poet I mentioned in a post the other day, coincidentally.