Phrase of the day

It’s not merry Christmas or happy holidays or have a nice Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. It’s:

Unidentified driving object.

Because I see more than my fair share of dicey, ambiguous-looking vehicles on the road here in Las Vegas. Trucks held together with twine & such. Rickety automobiles in danger of collapsing in a cloud of dust & smoke like the occasional hotel-casino implosions here in town.

leftover notes

I noticed a model in a mag who wore a ring, its width spanning to the bend of her forefinger. Not a wedding band, of course, ‘cause the world of fashion modeling is one of availability — of disengagement, full of time to amble, with the occasional need to stare down voyeurs.


She tried to be proper with her salad but she was hungry. She could not interject as her guest spoke for fear her food bits would take flight. She asked open-ended questions here and there and then chomped during the replies.

morning writing purge

i feel that the sky is blue
i feel that my cat is warm
i feel that i am lazy
i feel that my cat sees a bird
i feel i have a better view than my downstairs neighbors do concerning the patio
i feel i can be only literal this morning — that metaphors are still another cup away
i feel the birdsongs
i feel the pre-winter migration
i feel the fall

morning food urges:
cinnamon cruller or pfeffernusse

existentialist observation

Sometimes i sit on my couch and just stare out my patio door. This is quite blissful most of the time, with my mind shifting into neutral — like that feeling you get when you’re driving. My cat also is prone to staring through the door for guiltless stretches of time. It’s apparent she finds it gratifying. We’re not really expecting to see anything in particular (I feel I also can say that on behalf of my cat), it’s just that we know that’s where life is — just like when trees shift toward sunlight.