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2 want ads: badge bunny, foot model

: Random Ads Series :

–Real cop searching for badge bunny. If you don’t know what that means look it up lol. I am the real deal so please be real too. Send a recent pic and put BADGE BUNNY in the subject line. Email for more details.

–Photographer looking for foot model for a special project about feet. High arches a plus. Respond if you are looking to make some extra cash. Compensation $300.

poetry snippets writing

Cold lover, hot starlet

Cold and indifferent, his manhood
may as well have been
that of a mannequin

Episode 11, Season 2
of Ghost Whisperer,
in which Jennifer Love Hewitt
runs petrified through Peruvian
jungle in pouring rain
wearing skimpy red evening
dress with spaghetti straps
and deep-scoop neckline
>> to 03:39

poetry snippets writing

My Lees & other notes

Her mouth inhabitable
her body lyrical
her feast movable

Aleister Crowley
among literary figures
in Hemingway memoir

Lover compliments my lace-trim
panties as she peels off my Lees

his nose, inhospitable

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Puberty and other bites

His trips to her aromatic
bathroom now habitual,
the pubescent boy’s bare feet
rested on his grandmother’s
cushioned pink hamper,
making him feel womanly

slim young kid with crew cut
marveling at shiny pennies
from cashier at OfficeMax,
offering them to his mother

at the sale,
a rapt crowd began
building around
the Sharpies

“I feel like a communist,” she said,
swiveling her body while
modeling an olive green
bomber jacket in the mirror,
her teen companions clueless

poetry snippets wordplay

Some guy

guy stares at me flat-out gaping
high-heeled and braless I pose
(point-blank) a question I ask
him can I help you? shaking his
head no he responds
of course, i think, I thought so
walking off to women’s studies
nook for a book on cat calls

poetry snippets writing

It’s all you, etc.

In their Facebook profile pics on their accounts,
he shows off his expensive sports car
while she shows off her expensive boob job

every morning when I rise,
we kiss for the first time,
she and I

“It’s all you now,” he said to me.

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Where the cloud goes & other morsals

What do you want
young lady
she asked
an injection
I said
is what I want,
of love

This note on the violin
shows where that cloud goes
always the flute knows
the whereabouts of the moon.

don’t waste your time with a drizzle,
get on with a downpour

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Thrift store baby & other tidbits

unnerving baby doll at thrift store made-to-order for Rob Zombie movie
disturbing Jesus painting, meanwhile, suitable for abandoned rectory —
perhaps from 19th century?

guy whistling @ library very rude
& vastly inept at carrying a tune

I pore over you,
you pour into me

dream by separation

literary observations poetry snippets wordplay writing

Monday grit & other stray notes

woman driving smashed-up old car
admiring my hair at red light

Monday grit
background lust
sliddery, as in slid

cloud formations, no two alike,
create distinctions in days