How important packaging has become in the Age of Bottled Water. I am a pink flower-powered Fiji female, hopped up on alkaline & properly ionized. Electro-lit! While munching on plu 8594 cranberry & cashew mix, I sip through a volcanic rock filter in an artesian aquifer.


It is Essentia to stay hydrated in the Mojave, & if you notice, @essentiawater has exquisite product design. Carry a bottle & it’s a fashion statement, as well as a declaration of social status & #hydration awareness.

One day, a line…

I was thinking that One Day, a Line would be a very cool alt title for that One Line a Day journal that’s all the rage these days.

The very fact that I am writing about this proves that I am in dire need of the alt version, which would be perfect for those of us who suffer chronic writer’s block. Perhaps it would come with far fewer pages than the more ambitious & optimistic mainstream edition?

Roles for a Ramsey

  • Dock worker
  • Career college student
  • Australian outdoor adventure show host
  • Bicycle shop sales manager
  • James Bond character
  • Nightclub owner
  • Skydiver
  • Racketeer
  • Character in a British film
  • Circus performer

Office hours

I am holding office hours at Barnes & Noble — parked on a bench with a venti iced coffee by a panoramic window like a CEO, the strip mall parking lot as my backdrop.


After you solve a Rubik’s Cube and then develop a high level of proficiency for it, what is the point of keeping it around other than to gloat? Perhaps it affords us a feeling of control. Maybe people solve puzzles because they can’t figure out life, so it is somewhat understandable why someone would frame a jigsaw or leave a Rubik’s Cube perpetually solved — sometimes in plain view in their homes or places of employment.


A jazzman walked in.
Blue + white pinstripe shirt.
Fill in the blanks …
They were playing bad jazz inside — some gift box set.
The man tolerated it, his hands behind his back.