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My story is online at Entropy magazine

My creative nonfiction story The Size of Hummingbirds was posted yesterday at Entropy magazine.

There was an American robin on a bough above us guarding its nest. I had pointed it out to Rob, as well as the male grackle that had been looming higher in the tree for several days, as if setting its sights on raiding the nest.

The story is included in Entropy’s ongoing series The Birds, which features fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and essays.

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Three flash pieces published at Queen Mob’s Tea House

Excited to have three flash Misfit Docs published at Queen Mob’s Tea House today. My stories include one about crafting a Pam Anderson doll.

All in all, Pam will be an almond-toned, anatomically correct, windswept Wonder Woman

I love Misfit Docs. It’s one of my go-tos. Here’s the link to my stories for those who are interested.

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My collage ‘Honestly’ is on the cover of Sundog Lit’s latest issue

Happy to have my art featured on the cover of Sundog Lit‘s Issue 13. Check out the new issue here!

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Publication day in formercactus magazine

My micro fiction piece Coffee Lover is included in formercactus’ issue 4 , dedicated to micro and chock full of contributors.

She accepted the dishwasher job at the cafe because she liked the way soapy water smelled as it mingled with coffee, creating a creamy & fragrant mahogany brew.

Permalink to my story is here.

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Story published in Gravel magazine

My flash fiction story The Car Place appears in the January issue of Gravel magazine.

Outside it was about 106 degrees with not a cloud in sight, and my friend was in the large lot bagging up her possessions from her repo’d Bonneville.

Here is the story permalink.

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My story ‘Dark Shades’ was posted over at Five 2 One magazine

You can read my flash fiction piece on the magazine’s newly revamped website. A quickie excerpt:

Perhaps if she was feeling brazen enough, she’d pull over on a road shoulder on the freeway and toss them into the torrent of traffic, ideally in the path of a tractor-trailer.