Shiva’s whiskers

Brambly coat hairs
fossil socks
a man with fondue
“The O’Reilly Factor”
Shiva’s whiskers
the idea man @ dawn
broken bicuspid
strawberry batter
the penis meltdown
the love lady’s cigarettes
orange nails
solo beauty
bacon bits
a ski net
a timid dive
holistic medicine
virgin soil
above & beyond
shoe lover
an autumn tide
trench coat
bemusement parlor
aloe vera

2 want ads: badge bunny, foot model

: Random Ads Series :

–Real cop searching for badge bunny. If you don’t know what that means look it up lol. I am the real deal so please be real too. Send a recent pic and put BADGE BUNNY in the subject line. Email for more details.

–Photographer looking for foot model for a special project about feet. High arches a plus. Respond if you are looking to make some extra cash. Compensation $300.

The Masteson’s

: Random Letters Series :

>> just texted your sister, “that was totally fucking hot.” Did not know what your message was so please relay it. I will be looking for you to come back on Sunday evening. Please bring cheese as the Masteson’s will be here. I won’t be arriving anyway until 6 p.m. due to picking up Sara.

PS: your sister had no idea about a girl’s penis being involved


(Note: This is the first in a series of my fictional letters, which I am calling the Random Letters Series. The joy in reading them is in not knowing their context.)

empty parking lot

Loud rap music in the empty downtown Las Vegas parking lot Marco had a boom box going in his car he was taking selfies with his girl on a warm damp cloudy Saturday morning near Mingo’s Kitchen & Lounge like street performers they were having a pop-up party with not another soul around their front and back car doors were wide open to let out the sound.