Shiva’s whiskers

Brambly coat hairs fossil socks a man with fondue “The O’Reilly Factor” masquerade Shiva’s whiskers the idea man @ dawn broken bicuspid strawberry batter the penis meltdown pinot the love lady’s cigarettes orange nails solo beauty bacon bits Bayonne poplars Minneapolis Alfredo a ski net a timid dive holistic medicine Euripides mathematics virgin soil aboveContinue reading “Shiva’s whiskers”

2 want ads: badge bunny, foot model

: Random Ads Series : –Real cop searching for badge bunny. If you don’t know what that means look it up lol. I am the real deal so please be real too. Send a recent pic and put BADGE BUNNY in the subject line. Email for more details. –Photographer looking for foot model for a special project aboutContinue reading “2 want ads: badge bunny, foot model”

empty parking lot

Loud rap music in the empty downtown Las Vegas parking lot Marco had a boom box going in his car he was taking selfies with his girl on a warm damp cloudy Saturday morning near Mingo’s Kitchen & Lounge like street performers they were having a pop-up party with not another soul around their frontContinue reading “empty parking lot”