wasted on words

Fake bonsai and ferns in aluminium buckets Here students gather by the bunch buried in books altho voices r barely audible over the club music songs Her working in a sundress Him in a cashmere shortsleeve Them in their jeans arrayed like ducks by the barista And the woman next to me her hair hungContinue reading “wasted on words”

today was like this

I’m so bored of reality Nobody does anything interesting Why do I always have to be the one to bring perspective? I am burnt out on perspective It’s time for the world to act Mister, let me see what you are thinking There’s got to be something compelling in that brain of yours What aboutContinue reading “today was like this”

something i wrote in bed on a wonderfully windy night

i don’t want to look outside, even tho it’s a nice night. i don’t wanna see the gazebo, even tho the trees there are bending in the breeze and it looks very poetic — leaves taking flight like butterflies on the eve of autumn. i don’t want to imagine him standing there messing around withContinue reading “something i wrote in bed on a wonderfully windy night”