Beyond the ordinary

(Setting: near a large horizontal window at a gala) Both stood and watched the window like a screen. Birds flew by to Chopin’s salon-friendly Nocturnes. The woman, holding champagne, smiled and beamed. Her burgeoning beau was charmed and stood close. They were having a Hollywood moment! The birds, like fish in a bowl, circled inContinue reading “Beyond the ordinary”

In the age of air-hugs

I.With covid upon us, my weight spikes like virus cases in the U.S., but sometimes I wake up early enough to take walks With covid, I do switch to the opposite side of the street if I see you coming my way, mask or not With covid, I sometimes will watch a bus go byContinue reading “In the age of air-hugs”

Sporadic notes on cultural icons

Oscar Wilde was editor of Woman’s World magazine, 1887-89. He also championed conventional attire for men. John Lennon wore white. Fashion magazines will sometimes run his pic. During an interview, a tidily dressed David Bowie did a good rendition of Lennon, voice-wise. It was abrupt but went over well. Allen Ginsberg played finger cymbals andContinue reading “Sporadic notes on cultural icons”