> a present from me to me

I gave myself Tin House’s current sex-themed issue for my recent birthday. Very apropos, yes? Inside is fiction, poetry, brief essays, reviews on sex-themed books & other stuff. I’ve already devoured most of it. Naomi Jackson’s mini-essay Minding the Gap alone made the purchase worthwhile: “… The fact that when kissing someone who is still only a bodyContinue reading “> a present from me to me”

> naughty web search suggestions

google: campus sex google: MMF videos google: What is a MILF? google: nun sex google: nun sex in confession booth google: nun sex in confession booth and priest joins in google: bored attractive nuns making out during daily vespers google: girl-on-girl massage google: innocent girl-on-girl massage in highly professional setting that slowly spirals into erotic encounter define: vespers

> online dating

I recently blew the dust from my old OKCupid account. Updated my info & pics. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my sexual orientation, my profile page makes me sound overeager — slutty, even. Right at the top, it says I am looking for “everyone,” being as I am bisexual. Couldn’t it just say I was looking for menContinue reading “> online dating”

> my current poetry notebook

Monogrammed using glue stick & an image from an old fashion magazine. If you want a quality journal on the cheap, I recommend this one. It’s $3.95 at Barnes & Noble and has good paper stock. The one I have measures 4 x 6, but they also come in 5 x 7. Here’s what it looksContinue reading “> my current poetry notebook”

when twitter played cupid

i went to a tweetup once @ a pricey club on the las vegas strip with outdoor seating. a bunch of us social media strangers sat around drinking cocktails and talking tweets. one guy was fixed on growing his trove of followers. he bragged that he had a shitload and asked if i’d become part of his fold. instead i gave my loyal followship to this attractive girl who was showing a generous amount of flesh.