nosy cats & human sex

Cats notoriously assume they can paw or gnaw at anything that hangs or protrudes.

I can’t have sex while my cat is watching. I have to lock her out of my bedroom before things even get going. Tho she’ll nearly always scratch or push against the door or else start in with her meowing — maybe even break or rip something in another part of the house in retaliation. Just don’t let me hear it, is all I ask in those instances. Continue reading

> things i overheard while eavesdropping

Talking about dating, the well-endowed stewardess bearing her cleavage said, “I’m not a game player or a time waster.”

Talking about Hillary’s agenda if she claims the White House, the right-wing Republican retiree said, “He can’t just steamroll her in that direction.”

Talking about the future of Wall Street, the right-wing Republican retiree’s retired friend said, “The stock market is pumped up with funny money.”


> people-watching and some other notes

man wearing khaki safari-style hat with ear flaps
gives used bookstore cashier an earful
on why the King James version
of the Holy Bible is the most reliable.

girl on line at DMV,
in her nautical-themed
outfit of hot shorts,
a crop top and
a powder-blue
dress shirt
offers welcome
visual treat
in otherwise
drab scene

a nation of armchair warriors

petal juice

Shiva’s whiskers

Brambly coat hairs
fossil socks
a man with fondue
“The O’Reilly Factor”
Shiva’s whiskers
the idea man @ dawn
broken bicuspid
strawberry batter
the penis meltdown
the love lady’s cigarettes
orange nails
solo beauty
bacon bits
a ski net
a timid dive
holistic medicine
virgin soil
above & beyond
shoe lover
an autumn tide
trench coat
bemusement parlor
aloe vera

Puberty and other bites

His trips to her aromatic
bathroom now habitual,
the pubescent boy’s bare feet
rested on his grandmother’s
cushioned pink hamper,
making him feel womanly

slim young kid with crew cut
marveling at shiny pennies
from cashier at OfficeMax,
offering them to his mother

at the sale,
a rapt crowd began
building around
the Sharpies

“I feel like a communist,” she said,
swiveling her body while
modeling an olive green
bomber jacket in the mirror,
her teen companions clueless