Phrase of the day

It’s not merry Christmas or happy holidays or have a nice Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. It’s: Unidentified driving object. Because I see more than my fair share of dicey, ambiguous-looking vehicles on the road here in Las Vegas. Trucks held together with twine & such. Rickety automobiles in danger of collapsing in a cloud of dustContinue reading “Phrase of the day”

Out on the town

How’s this for the first line of a short story? “They couldn’t avoid being slobs at the restaurant table during their first date.” I mean, anything can happen after that. Just anything. But I like it ’cause right off the bat it’s a predicament. We could make these two people horny as fuck. And youContinue reading “Out on the town”

The mushroom lady

The mushroom lady is afoot after a winter-long downtime. She has the air of someone who worked in retail or perhaps an administrative office in a grade school. In her Old Navy shorts and button-down shirt and her hair done like Margaret Thatcher, she prowls the grounds of the apartment complex for sprouts of fungi. ThenContinue reading “The mushroom lady”

A brief study and other scraps

A middle-aged businessman, dressed accordingly, at lunchtime does not enjoy the presence of his wife. He does not appreciate her neon green footies, worn with black patent-leather loafers. He doesn’t think much of her tie-dye yoga pants, which ride up above her ankles. He does not go in for her emerald green velour pullover. TheyContinue reading “A brief study and other scraps”

feeding pigeons

the boy coaxing pigeons at the park does not budge. he valiantly holds a small wedge of crusty bread from a family picnic — his slender arm outstretched. the pigeons brazenly convene to feed, forming what looks to be a hem encircling the boy’s feet. the boy is resolute yet visibly immobilized, as if standing in aContinue reading “feeding pigeons”

> things i overheard while eavesdropping

Talking about dating, the well-endowed stewardess bearing her cleavage said, “I’m not a game player or a time waster.” Talking about Hillary’s agenda if she claims the White House, the right-wing Republican retiree said, “He can’t just steamroll her in that direction.” Talking about the future of Wall Street, the right-wing Republican retiree’s retired friend said, “The stockContinue reading “> things i overheard while eavesdropping”

> kendall-leigh neuner & another notebook scrap

» Guy waiting on couch as alpha girlfriend combs out her long, knotty, red hair on patio » Girlfriend taking long » Guy now looking like distressed dog waiting to be walked — my infatuation with Kendall-Leigh Neuner — her pics in May 2013 issue of Inked mag branded on my brain