The mushroom lady

The mushroom lady is afoot after a winter-long downtime. She has the air of someone who worked in retail or perhaps an administrative office in a grade school. In her Old Navy shorts and button-down shirt and her hair done like Margaret Thatcher, she prowls the grounds of the apartment complex for sprouts of fungi. Then […]

> things i overheard while eavesdropping

Talking about dating, the well-endowed stewardess bearing her cleavage said, “I’m not a game player or a time waster.” Talking about Hillary’s agenda if she claims the White House, the right-wing Republican retiree said, “He can’t just steamroll her in that direction.” Talking about the future of Wall Street, the right-wing Republican retiree’s retired friend said, “The stock […]

> kendall-leigh neuner & another notebook scrap

» Guy waiting on couch as alpha girlfriend combs out her long, knotty, red hair on patio » Girlfriend taking long » Guy now looking like distressed dog waiting to be walked — my infatuation with Kendall-Leigh Neuner — her pics in May 2013 issue of Inked mag branded on my brain

> people-watching and some other notes

man wearing khaki safari-style hat with ear flaps gives used bookstore cashier an earful on why the King James version of the Holy Bible is the most reliable. — European-looking girl on line at DMV, in her nautical-themed outfit of hot shorts, a crop top and a powder-blue dress shirt unbuttoned, offers welcome visual treat in otherwise […]