Outdoor urbanite

eco-poetry oh is that what it is called earlier a twig did snap beneath my sneaker i followed 2 old ladies to learn a new park loop stretched to the periphery out by montessouri street for once i walked well past the squeaky pedestrian bridge and along the chalky drainage basin near the drought-stricken ball field it was soContinue reading “Outdoor urbanite”

2 great-tailed grackles

Lately I’ve become quite the nature aficionado, specifically regarding the flora & fauna in my community. The other day I spotted 2 great-tailed grackles trading courtship calls from polar opposite ends of a Washoe pine. I thought it quite amusing since these are raucous birds with shrill cries, obscenely long beaks for their body sizeContinue reading “2 great-tailed grackles”

Out on the town

How’s this for the first line of a short story? “They couldn’t avoid being slobs at the restaurant table during their first date.” I mean, anything can happen after that. Just anything. But I like it ’cause right off the bat it’s a predicament. We could make these two people horny as fuck. And youContinue reading “Out on the town”

The mushroom lady

The mushroom lady is afoot after a winter-long downtime. She has the air of someone who worked in retail or perhaps an administrative office in a grade school. In her Old Navy shorts and button-down shirt and her hair done like Margaret Thatcher, she prowls the grounds of the apartment complex for sprouts of fungi. ThenContinue reading “The mushroom lady”

A note about perfection

I sit in the morning, tweezing my eyebrows, my coffee turning lukewarm. Over the past few days, my hairs have gathered like the poppy seeds on my toasted bagel — a small colony near the tail of my left brow, spread out like the homes of a suburb on the periphery of a city. ButContinue reading “A note about perfection”