Sunday morning at Charlie Frias

Up ahead I see a man lounging on the pavement in shorts — no shoes, no socks, no shirt. Leaning up against a utility box, he is a white man tanned browner than a band aid. His feet nearly reach the curb, so I step off my bike and wheel it gingerly past him. WeContinue reading “Sunday morning at Charlie Frias”

An uptick in butterflies

The butterfly was not a butterfly but two fallen leaves. I had been seeing butterflies a lot lately, and so I thought this was yet another encounter. Recently my local Cooperative Extension made an announcement on Facebook that there was an uptick in the insects’ numbers in the Las Vegas area. Now I wish IContinue reading “An uptick in butterflies”

It wasn’t really meat

The woman behind the counter said “pork” when citing the “pork,” “chicken” when mentioning the chicken stand-in and shrimp in reference to the shrimp replacement, without flinching. This was an Asian vegan eatery, and she acted as if she believed herself. O, there was “beef” in the rice dish I ordered, as well. Anyway, theContinue reading “It wasn’t really meat”

today was like this

I’m so bored of reality Nobody does anything interesting Why do I always have to be the one to bring perspective? I am burnt out on perspective It’s time for the world to act Mister, let me see what you are thinking There’s got to be something compelling in that brain of yours What aboutContinue reading “today was like this”

i want to write in scribble

i wanted to write this because i wanted to write something new on my blog without having it necessarily mean anything. as i’ve stated before, why does anything have to mean anything (also see my declaration against question marks and other punctuation and style formalities) i just want to be pleasant and conversational overall soContinue reading “i want to write in scribble”

I Write But I’m Also a Collage Artist – And I’m Open to Commission Work (just sayin’)

I think this might be the first time i’ve mentioned my artwork on this blog, and it’ll most likely be the last. Still, i do collage art, and to me, that creative process shares many similarities with writing poetry. But anyway, i just wanted to invite whoever to check out my art website. I amContinue reading “I Write But I’m Also a Collage Artist – And I’m Open to Commission Work (just sayin’)”

My great-grandmother lived into her late 90s

In my late great-grandmother’s building on Bathgate Avenue in the Bronx about a block from my old Catholic elementary school the stairs creaked like a rocker on the front porch they had resonance as if empty crates walked upon. A skunky amalgam of boiled cabbage and potatoes still in their dusty, cratered skins always permeated the air as IContinue reading “My great-grandmother lived into her late 90s”