Notes on grackles

Grackles engrossed in nonstop quibbles like tweens in a schoolyard. Their predatory clamber across tree bark, clawing like cats on carpet. Grackles and the way that they crow and cackle! Torpedoing from bush to rock to tree to fountain, dumpster-diving, whizzing past your head like P-140 bombers. Fluttering low like bats in Victorian homes, perchedContinue reading “Notes on grackles”

A morning at the park

Passing the fragrant pines, they seem episodic today I am intoning for the clouds to stick around A flycatcher makes swooping casts from a branch like a fly fisherman’s line A male robin is at rest on a low bough while its mate babysits the nest above Man on camp chair w/ obedient mastiff, unleashedContinue reading “A morning at the park”