Edward Abbey saw it all coming

With leases being sold for gas and oil exploration and development on public lands, it seemed that author Edward Abbey saw it all coming. In his 1968 book “Desert Solitaire,” he wrote: “Until a few years ago, a simple, quiet, primitive place on the shores of the Colorado, Lee’s Ferry has now fallen under theContinue reading “Edward Abbey saw it all coming”

Notes on grackles

Grackles engrossed in nonstop quibbles like tweens in a schoolyard. Their predatory clamber across tree bark, clawing like cats on carpet. Grackles and the way that they crow and cackle! Torpedoing from bush to rock to tree to fountain, dumpster-diving, whizzing past your head like P-140 bombers. Fluttering low like bats in Victorian homes, perchedContinue reading “Notes on grackles”

A morning at the park

Passing the fragrant pines, they seem episodic today I am intoning for the clouds to stick around A flycatcher makes swooping casts from a branch like a fly fisherman’s line A male robin is at rest on a low bough while its mate babysits the nest above Man on camp chair w/ obedient mastiff, unleashedContinue reading “A morning at the park”