I see a near-constant stream of different women emerging from the apartment unit across from mine. I’m starting to wonder whether it’s a point of entry from a different dimension. Maybe the “women” are teleporting to that location for who knows what reason. It’s a second-floor unit, and from my dining room window, I often spot them descending the stairs ambivalently into theirContinue reading “aliens”

glass jelly

An american girl as wholesome-looking as you please squatted atop a glass coffee table naked in a ritzy contemporary-style home in the suburbs and peed and then slammed down in a stabbing motion a glass jelly suction-cupped dildo that i thought seemed rather appealing — with its fruit stripe- or jelly bean-inspired color scheme — and would actually consider purchasing ,Continue reading “glass jelly”

> if i had the stanley cup

if I ever gained access to the Stanley Cup, such as if it was given to me because I was so awesome, I’d pry off that black plate at the bottom that looks like the lid of a coffee can and I’d hope the inside was as hollow as a vase. If so, I’d clean it out and dump aContinue reading “> if i had the stanley cup”

undulating terrain

As we packed boxes in her bedroom for her to move downtown, the chill track on Pandora sounded like seduction or something like the unimpeded breach of taboo or seeping glops of wildflower honey from a tabletop onto a white-tiled floor in a sterile room or like the dirty downfall of someone stoic or a secret animal or quiet uncaging of a deep-rootedContinue reading “undulating terrain”

Songs from the 2nd floor

My grandmother had a sing-song voice and wore lipstick and Shalimar — pricey but she never worked a day in her life my mother swore on more than one occasion In the alley of our Bronx building I’d hear her singing from her second-floor window as she did house chores (we lived on the first floor)Continue reading “Songs from the 2nd floor”

when twitter played cupid

i went to a tweetup once @ a pricey club on the las vegas strip with outdoor seating. a bunch of us social media strangers sat around drinking cocktails and talking tweets. one guy was fixed on growing his trove of followers. he bragged that he had a shitload and asked if i’d become part of his fold. instead i gave my loyal followship to this attractive girl who was showing a generous amount of flesh.

The maid next door

: Random Letters Series : Lorraine!! OMG…The maid (the one with that big bun on her head) must have been pleasuring herself in the empty apartment next door this morning. Seriously!! I heard her thrashing about in the tub! At first I thought she was just scrubbing it to get it ready for the incoming tenants,Continue reading “The maid next door”