No one likes to memorize math

A large sculpture in the library lobby purposely leaned at a slant on a pedestal to give it the effect of falling. It made me think of nodding off. People sat at tables — some read, some spoke, but it was hard to make out what anyone was saying. Their indecipherable voices carried up highContinue reading “No one likes to memorize math”

Publication day in formercactus magazine

My micro fiction piece Coffee Lover is included in formercactus’ issue 4 , dedicated to micro and chock full of contributors. She accepted the dishwasher job at the cafe because she liked the way soapy water smelled as it mingled with coffee, creating a creamy & fragrant mahogany brew. Permalink to my story is here.

boston ivy

The building in Bronxville, N.Y., where he lived helped me fall madly in love with him: close to my apartment, ivy thriving on masonry walls and cobblestone stairs. Crispy honeylocust and Norway maple leaves speckling the sidewalk in fall. Across the street, a clothing shop called the Yum Yum Tree, along with mom-and-pop eateries and a gift shop. A ChineseContinue reading “boston ivy”