i want to write in scribble

i wanted to write this because i wanted to write something new on my blog without having it necessarily mean anything. as i’ve stated before, why does anything have to mean anything (also see my declaration against question marks and other punctuation and style formalities) i just want to be pleasant and conversational overall soContinue reading “i want to write in scribble”

> advice to writers from joyce carol oates

This quote had a huge impact on me when I read it about a month ago. I haven’t been the same since as far as my writing is concerned. It’s from Joyce Carol Oates’ book The Faith of a Writer: “Never be ashamed of your subject, and of your passion for your subject. Your ‘forbidden’Continue reading “> advice to writers from joyce carol oates”

Poet Frank O’Hara reading his poems, typing, collaborating

Some totally charming footage (16 minutes) of poet Frank O’Hara in his New York City studio. He reads some of his poetry, which is very engaging and spontaneous, and he also is shown working on a script (with a typewriter!) in a collaboration with artist and filmmaker Alfred Leslie. The footage was shot with 16mm film inContinue reading “Poet Frank O’Hara reading his poems, typing, collaborating”

2 want ads: badge bunny, foot model

: Random Ads Series : –Real cop searching for badge bunny. If you don’t know what that means look it up lol. I am the real deal so please be real too. Send a recent pic and put BADGE BUNNY in the subject line. Email for more details. –Photographer looking for foot model for a special project aboutContinue reading “2 want ads: badge bunny, foot model”

Puberty and other bites

His trips to her aromatic bathroom now habitual, the pubescent boy’s bare feet rested on his grandmother’s cushioned pink hamper, making him feel womanly — slim young kid with crew cut marveling at shiny pennies from cashier at OfficeMax, offering them to his mother — at the sale, a rapt crowd began building around the Sharpies — “I feel like a communist,” sheContinue reading “Puberty and other bites”