Out on the town

How’s this for the first line of a short story? “They couldn’t avoid being slobs at the restaurant table during their first date.” I mean, anything can happen after that. Just anything. But I like it ’cause right off the bat it’s a predicament. We could make these two people horny as fuck. And youContinue reading “Out on the town”

The mushroom lady

The mushroom lady is afoot after a winter-long downtime. She has the air of someone who worked in retail or perhaps an administrative office in a grade school. In her Old Navy shorts and button-down shirt and her hair done like Margaret Thatcher, she prowls the grounds of the apartment complex for sprouts of fungi. ThenContinue reading “The mushroom lady”

His place at the table

He smelled of deli smock — an amalgam of lunch meat, pork and musty dairy. Small brown puddles on the lid of his McDonald’s coffee cup shook precariously when he set it down inches from my elbow. He had thick-rimmed glasses on, and his eyes were hunkered down somewhere distant beneath his frontal bone. He madeContinue reading “His place at the table”

feeding pigeons

the boy coaxing pigeons at the park does not budge. he valiantly holds a small wedge of crusty bread from a family picnic — his slender arm outstretched. the pigeons brazenly convene to feed, forming what looks to be a hem encircling the boy’s feet. the boy is resolute yet visibly immobilized, as if standing in aContinue reading “feeding pigeons”