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Recent bits and pieces

silent footsteps in my heart,
a girl at war

is the phrase “carousing flapper”
a redundancy?

his head was trigger happy

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An abstraction

touch-to-touch sanctity
willow to willow
the I-do-I duality

in lieu of destiny
seekers of the ordinary

literary poems poetry writing


an old T-shirt
faded red gym shorts
with white stripes
beach sandals
in university classroom??
what would she look like
nestled in lovelets?
being swallowed
in the locker room?
remarkable legs and feet
tethered to train tracks?
wearing a cat’s whisker
and nose apparatus?
hitched to handcarved
draconian columns
in gift to Kong?

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Something about everything

something about rain coming down
in summer something about walking
along Main Street at dusk or dawn
something about the perfect kiss
your unexpected lover’s wanderlust lips
etc. something about making a pass
at whoever is beautiful
or looks like they mean trouble
something about cafe tables with coffee
or cocktails beneath an ornate constellation
or two or maybe something about
a violin player or a serenade
or a canoe ride through Venice
streets or a foreigner buying
you a drink or swapping numbers
with you at un aéroport or
something about someone coming
back for you or about an encounter
with cupid at the checkout
counter or perhaps something about
french toast or the sun setting
or rising as you’re finally heading
home or something about a follow-up
phone call, text or friend request
on Facebook or something
about just about anything
that is here and gone
before you know it
so we best take note

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the times of day
are a mandate
to do this or that
the nighttime is
my legs are a
dead woman’s
my eyes are a
fixture against
glass wide, wet
and vulnerable
I am a canyon
beneath the stars
poetry is cheap
it is a turning away
you say but
I am a canyon
beneath the stars

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Poetry book finds

the poetry goddesses smiled upon me yesterday. Two poetry books for a total of $1 at a local used book store. “Beat Poets” was a particular treat to find. It has 28 poets, 250 pages. Refreshingly, seven of the poets are women. Very rare in beat lit! The other book is an anthology published by the Poetry Foundation.

Those who are interested in female beat writers should google Diane di Prima. Her poems are pretty exceptional. The other women in the book are Elise Cowen, Barbara Guest, Lenore Kandel, Marie Ponsot, Joanne Kyger and Anne Waldman.

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Conditioned response

You are
a Pavlovian
I said
to him
in bed
And I

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Despite ankle wrap,
woman at library
suggestively dressed.
Walks diligently
through silent
aisles looking
for wandering eye.

Off in the distance,

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Play on words

“An object of booty.” Perhaps a good erotic fiction title.