thoughts/feedback welcome

I’m wondering if anyone out there would be interested in sharing any constructive thoughts or feedback about my writing — especially people who read my blog regularly. As I stated in the comments below, I think I am more interested at the moment in hearing feedback about my flash fiction. But feedback about my poetry and also my crazy ramblings also is very much welcome.

As is common among creatives, it’s pretty much impossible for me to be objective about my own craft. That said, I do feel like it has progressed relatively significantly since I started this blog in June. This growth seems most noticeable to me in my flash fiction stories.

Throughout the years, even dating back to my English lit and creative writing classes in college, I’ve always shied away from spinning full-on stories. Probably because I just didn’t want to bother with the commitment. But I noticed that story writing is a lot more doable for me if it’s in an abbreviated format like flash.

The fact that I am even writing these stories sort of takes me by surprise, actually. But it feels very much like a natural extension of my love of writing poetry.

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